Flashback, fear and sadness make it difficult for anyone with post-traumatic stress disorder to function or live a happy and fulfilling life. The fastest way to alleviate the symptoms of PTSD and recover from the trauma is with a mental health retreat. Move past your trauma quickly, don’t linger in it for years and years. Whether you need help dealing with your personal trauma, or the secondhand trauma and stress you’ve experienced at work, our trained therapists will help with you to overcome and change your negative thoughts and feelings.  

A 30 day stay at our luxurious, private, mental health retreat will get you back on your feet, feeling normal and free from your negative memories once again. Enjoy chef prepared meals, cutting edge therapeutic modalities such as our biofeedback beds, and the time and devotion of a team of highly trained professionals.

Don’t let your past stand in the way of your future. With the right medication and therapy, you can overcome your PTSD. Our therapists will work with you towards putting your stressful and traumatic life events behind you, with cognitive behavioral therapy you can change your negative thoughts and feelings surrounding any traumatic event to help flashbacks and distressing dreams subside. Helping you change your thoughts and feelings will help you change your entire life.

An extended stay at our mental health retreat for PTSD will help you focus on treating your symptoms in a safe environment to overcome negative thoughts, avoidance, hopelessness, fear and irritability. Treating the symptoms of your PTSD in residential treatment will quickly and effectively make meaningful, noticeable differences in your life today.

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Passion led us here.

You keep what you have by giving it away. Everyone at Foundations feels a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment through helping others in addiction find peace in recovery.

Our Long Term Committment to Your Recovery.
Aftercare Planning

The greatest goal of our program is to give each individual the tools and strategies to eliminate or deal with harmful stress and triggers that have affected their lives. We try to maximize the amount of time you are in safe, secure, recovery focused living community. Stressor will remain out there, but we will help you build the ability to deal with them, and find peace and fulfillment while living clean and sober. We will help you plan for the next steps, with input from your entire therapy team. Our medical team, case managers and therapists will be there to advise you through the next steps.

Case Management

While in treatment our case management specialist works with you to resolve life stressors. Legal, financial, and other issues can be major stumbling blocks for recovering addicts. We aim to clear way and make a clean slate for you to thrive in your early recovery.

Community Housing

From PHP to OP you will stay in our our safe, secure, community of recovery. Our clients are welcome to continue living in our community even after Op completion.

Relapse Prevention

We all know that as many problems get resolved new one can come up. You aftercare planning will focus heavily on providing you the insight and tools to prevent and/or deal with life’s issues in a healthy positive way.

What it means to be an Amatus Managed Recovery Center

  • Person First Philosophy

    Our mission is to get you in the best facility that will allow you to heal and find long term recovery. Whether you enter one of our facilities or another facility, we will help everyone who contacts us find the appropriate place for them to heal.

  • National Footprint, Community Focus

    Our nationwide network of treatment centers and referral partners allows us to make an impact in multiple communities. We want every individual to thrive, and become a positive force in your community. We desire to help people and communities recover.

  • Facility and Treatment

    We are committed to providing the highest level of care, delivered in cutting-edge facilities designed to support your recovery. Every individual gets an individualized treatment plan, with the highest-level of care standards and quality.

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