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Famous Athletes Who Got Real About Mental Health

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Tyson Fury, world heavyweight champion, opens up about mental health struggles and substance abuse

Tyson Fury was banned from boxing in 2017 after testing positive for cocaine, in what he described as the lowest low of his life. Fury explained that after being named heavyweight boxing champion, he told his family and friends that he knew he would fall into a dark place. He knew he planned to leave boxing, and he knew he felt depressed, but he didn’t understand why. Fury began drinking to mask his pain, using drugs, and feeling like he didn’t want to live any longer.

Fury explained how mental health issues ran in his family, but it was never talked about. He compared his mental illnesses, depression and bipolar disorder, to carbon monoxide- you can’t see it, but it will kill you if you don’t get it taken care of.

Fury believes it is part of his life’s plan to raise more awareness about mental health, and he isn’t the only one. In recent years, many athletes have come to grips and spoken out about there mental health struggles in a way to lessen the stigma.

Other athletes who opened up about their mental health:

Brandon Marshall NFL wide receiver, diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD) and depression, later Co-founded Project 375 to help end the mental health stigma.

Michael Phelps Competitive Swimmer, US who is the most decorated Olympian of all time with 28 total medals, 23 gold, opened up about his depression and suicidal ideation.

Imani Boyette, WNBA star, opened up about her experience with depression and self-harm in an interview with USA Today, saying that the illness has a way of making you believe life would be better if you didn’t exist.

Brandon Brooks, Philadelphia Eagles guard, revealed that he was dealing with severe anxiety. The discussion came right before the Eagles’ big Super Bowl game

Terry Bradshaw, former quarterback, opened up about his struggles with mental health and taking medication for his depression.

Serena Williams, U.S Female Tennis Champion, opened up about postpartum depression and her battle with severe anxiety.

Ronda Rousey, UFC champion, opened up about her depression after losing two of her final fights before joining WWE. Rousey has also been open in the past about her eating disorder and struggles with body image.